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Agence Pallen has been managing
a large portfolio of buildings since 1929.

In doing so, we rely on solid expertise and a good understanding with our owners. Our growing portfolio shows the satisfaction of our customers, of which we are extremely proud.

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Punctual service

The daily management of a building is a comprehensive task, we take care of maintenance and repairs. In this process, our strong position allows us to always negotiate competitive prices. Because of our local roots and knowledge of the local market of suppliers, we are able to provide an extremely punctual service to our customers.

115 buildings in management
2400 apartments in management
2450 satisfied owners
10 000+ general meetings

Technical management

  • Organizing the daily maintenance and cleaning of your building
  • Negotiate competitive rates with energy suppliers
  • Urgent repairs
  • Organize technical inspections
  • Managing renovations


As a syndic, we also provide the necessary insurance for your building. This allows us to handle claims and settlements faster than other syndics. Other syndics depend on an external broker and do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to follow up on damages. With Agence Pallen you have a trustee on board with expertise experience. This way we guarantee that your building will always receive the correct compensation in case of insured damage.

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